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14.10.2016 - 17.11.2016

Finlands leading printmaking studio Himmelblau with artists

Inari Krohn, Tiina Kivinen, Marika Mäkelä and Miina Äkkijyrkkä

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Netta Tiitinen "Flavours of the North"


Netta is a self-taught artist, painter and installation artist who has exceptionally fast become one of the current top-ranking artists.

Anja Karkku-Hohti


Anja Karkku-Hohti has made a long career in art. She graduated from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 1959, after which she has performed in numerous group and solo exhibitions both in Finland and abroad.

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Asta Caplan


Asta Caplans' art wanders and works between drawing, painting and photography

Finland 100 years - Strong Finnish Expat Artists in France


Nordic Art Gallery is celebrating Finland´s centenary year 2017 by presenting Finnish expat artists' know-how in France

Tove Storm


Mrs Storm is of Norwegian origin, graduated from the Higher School of Applied Arts in Oslo, Norway and Geneva in Switzerland

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Mary Larsson


"Through my paintings, I try to convey a message of Peace, love" and joy."

Naïve art  "Time to Celebrate"


The works of artists Erkka Auermaa, Anna-Liisa Hakkarainen, Katja Mesikämmenen and Raija Nokkala shine a race with the Riviera sun and warm the viewer's mind.

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Treats from Finland by ceramist Heini Riitahuhta and painter Kristiina Uusitalo


Pia Feinik "Cerca trova"


"The familiar magical trees and animals of the forest have gotten a more immaterial feel as their companions in these newer works"

Hans Borgman "Mouvements"


The popularity at his home exhibition was great and he was encouraged to present them for the first time in public.

Maria Bajt, My Ekman & Susanne Vollmer


An exhibition of three talented Swedish artists

Mari Rantanen


Mrs Rantanen is a Finnish painter living in Sweden, Finland and USA who has made a long and productive career.

Hans Thore Blom


The former mountain guide (now retired) Hans Thore Blom exhibits photographs with heavenly heights from the Mercantour National Park.

Ulla Remes "The Last Town"


Ulla Remes is a versatile artist whose production includes oil paintings, installations and photographic works.

Vivi Andersen "Mirror Mirror"


"We are attracted by the beauty in the ­window ­displays wishing to aquire the ­creations we see and desire. But the display also ­reflects something else; the beauty you can not buy that is seen through the glass."