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The Nordic nature produces the sort of food experience that gourmets who have
tried everything never forget. The wild berries, mushrooms and game that are found
in the forests and the fish in our rivers, lakes and seas are fresh and strong in flavour.
The fact that Scandinavia is the world's northernmost agricultural area gives its food
strength that we can draw from throughout the whole year. The change of seasons
is also reflected in our meals.
Find out more about the Finnish food culture

We offer a huge selection of food both directly from small local producers and from
leading brand names, for example:
  • cheese and cheese products
  • lactose-free dairyproducts, whipped cream, vanilla sauce, Bregott, ice creams etc
  • meat products, even wild reindeer and elk
  • sausages, cold cuts
  • mushroom products
  • smoked salmon and fresh water fishes
  • herrings, fishroe and other fish products
  • fresh homemade rye bread, sour dough or sweat (learn more about the health benefits of rye)
  • gluten-free products
  • crispy rye bread
  • wild berries as frozen, dried and as powders, jams, jellies and berry soups of Nordic berries
  • home made buns and pies, biscuits
  • sweets and chocolates, even sugarfree sweetened with Xylitol or Stevia
  • seasonal products for for example Christmas and Easter
  • snacks (for example of rye), porridges, coffee, spices, products for baking
  • ..... and many more

Some of our producers: Arla, Valio, Scan, HK, Abba, Felix, Wasabröd, Vaasan, Linkosuo,
AXA, Fazer, Marabou, Zoega, Paulig, Jalostaja, Läkerol, OLW, Kavli