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Ladle for Horseshoes of Tin

Slev för nyårs hästsko - Tinakauha

The method was invented in ancient Greece, and today it is a common New Year tradition in the Nordic countries. Classically, tin is melted on a stove and poured into a bucket of cold water. The resulting shape is either directly interpreted as an omen for the future, or is rotated in a candlelight to create shadows, whose shapes are then interpreted.

The shapes are often interpreted not only literally, but also symbolically: a bubbly surface refers to money, a fragile or broken shape misfortune. Ships refer to travelling, keys to career advancement, a basket to a good mushroom year, and a horse to a new car.

Not suitable for induction stoves

Horshoes - Hästsko - Tinat

Available for deliveries from about 17th November 2020 onwards
Price:2.90 €

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Length: 38 cm