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Painted Candle Tomte Design 12 cm

Ljus, tomtemotiv -

Pöytäkynttilä, joulutontut

Burning time ~ 50 hours

Currently out of stock
Price:9.90 €

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Advent Candle 12 cm (4 pcs)

Adventljus, 4 st - Adventtikynttilä, 4 kpl
Light one candle each Advent
Burning time 40 hours
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Advent Star 20 cm Led/batteries

Adventstjärna, papper - Joulutähti, paperi
The custom of hanging a star made from paper, straw or chipwood in windows found its way to Sweden in the 1930s, recalling the star that guided the Three Wise Men.
While the decorations are there for a specific purpose, they also have a wider effect −..
Price: 9.90 €
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