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Aakkoset - Salty Liquorice ABC 180 g

Mild saltlakrits - Salmiakki Aakkoset

Mildly salted liquorice in all letters of the alphabet

The reduced price 3,90 eur is valid until stocks last or the best-befoe-date of the product 18th June 2019

Price:5.20 €

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Apothecary's Salmiac® pastilles 15 g Haganol

Apotekets salmiak ® - Apteekin salmiakki ®
Mr and Mrs. Colliander, both of whom were chemists, founded a salty liquorice company in Helsinki’s Haaga in 1951. The Collianders had developed a unique recipe that excluded the use of gum arabic and gelatine, which are common in most candy brands. Ever..
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Super Salmiakki Salty Liquorice 80 g Fazer

Saltlakrits pastiller - Super Salmiakkipastilleja
Mild menthol-flavoured salty liquorice pastilles. Very tasty and traditional salmiac candy for any Finn or salmiac lover.
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