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Tyrkisk Peber Soft Flames 80 g Fazer

Turkisk Peppar, mjuk - Turkinpippuri, pehmeä

The little sister of the original Tyrkisk Peber. Soft and sugar coated.

Price:2.70 €

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Ahlgrens Bilar Salty Liquorice 100 g

Sveriges mest köpta bilar, saltlakrits - Ruotsi eniten ostetut autot, salmiakkisekoitus
The salty liquorice version of Sweden's most popular lolly, the car-shaped Ahlgrens Cars
Price: 3.70 €

Fazer Tyrkisk Peber Salty Liquorice Stick 20 g

Tyrkisk pepper lakrits stång - Turkinpippuri-lakupatukka
Salty and spicy Tyrkisk Peber encased in sweet soft licorice makes this treat a marriage to remember!
Price: 0.60 €
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