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Tyrkisk Peber Soft Flames 80 g Fazer

Turkisk Peppar, mjuk - Turkinpippuri, pehmeä

The little sister of the original Tyrkisk Peber. Soft and sugar coated.

Price:2.70 €

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Läkerol Salmiak Pastilles 23 g

Läkerol - makes people talk!
Small sugar-free throat pastilles in a handy little box that's perfect to bring with you everywhere. The first box was sold in 1909, but Läkerol has always stayed in step with the times and is still a very popular brand in a large part of the world...
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Pantteri Salty Liquorice 38 g Fazer

Saltlakrits pastiller - Salmiakkipastilleja
Traditional panther liquorice salmiac sweets that have been on the market since 1961
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