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Salty Liquorice Squares 170 g Halva

Saltlakritsgodis i klassisk rut format - Salmiakkiruutu

Finnish salty licorice in a classic shape. A must for a licorice enthusiasts.

Price:3.80 €

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Salty Liquorice Extract 500 ml Haganol

Saltlakrits extrakt - Salmiakki mixer
This salty liquorice extract is perfect for baking, drinks, dessert and even cooking, for marinating a salmiac pork or in sauces just for example.  The sweet but salty taste gives an original nuance and brings out the flavours of your food.
If we happen to be..
Price: 10.90 €

Lakrisal Salmiac Roll 25 g

Salmiakpastiller - Salmiakkipastilleja Unlike most salty liquorice candies, Lakrisal does not contain any starch or gum arabic (E414). Instead, it is made almost entirely of sugar, licorice and ammonium chloride.
Price: 1.80 €
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