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Super Piratos 120 g Haribo

Super Piratos saltlakrits - Super Merkkari

Super salty liquorice coins from Denmark. Not for the faint of heart – this is serious stuff. Don’t be fooled by the innocent look of these.

Price:3.90 €

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School Chalk 180 g Fazer

Skoleskridt täytelakritsirae -
Lakritsdragé med salmiakfyllning
A classic liquorice candy originated from Denmark. This Scandinavian favorite screeches your taste buds with a crispy menthol sugaring and a strong salty liquorice filling..
Price: 3.90 €

Lakrisal Salmiac Roll 25 g

Salmiakpastiller - Salmiakkipastilleja Unlike most salty liquorice candies, Lakrisal does not contain any starch or gum arabic (E414). Instead, it is made almost entirely of sugar, licorice and ammonium chloride.
Price: 1.80 €
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