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Bag Closer & Pot Watcher in Birch

Påsstängare och grytvakt i björk -

Pussinsulkija ja patavahti, koivua

Keep your bags tightly closed to preserve the flavor and your pots from boiling over. Six different designs.
Price:8.90 €

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Nalle Four Grain Flakes 700 g

Neljän Viljan täysjyvähiutale -
Fullkornsflingor av fyra sädesslag
Nalle four-grain -flakes are made of whole grain rye, -wheat, oats, and barley. The flakes are good carbs and high in fiber (15 %), which promotes regular bowel movement. Fiber also helps control weight, because it keeps hunger away..
Price: 3.40 €

Honey Dipper 18 cm Beech

Honungssked, bok - Hunajalusikka, pyökki
Natural wood is pleasing to the eye and a joy to work with. The classic honey dipper perfectly drizzles honey into tea or onto biscuits.
Price: 3.20 €
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