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Xylimax Moomin Blueberry-Vanilla Pastilles 55 g

Täysksylitolipastillit - Helxylitolpastiller

Moomin full xylitol pastilles are a must in every family with children. Blueberry vanilla is a nice gentle flavor combination for even the smallest. The pastilles do not contain gelatin and are packaged in a recyclable cardboard box.

The impact of full xylitol gum on preventing and reducing cavities has been studied for several decades. Full xylitol products offer good health benefits when taking care of your mouth and teeth. Along with a healthy diet, taking care of the cleanliness of your mouth and eating regularly help keep your teeth in good shape. 

Price:4.90 €

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Läkerol Salvi Pastilles 23 g

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Small sugar-free throat pastilles in a handy little box that's perfect to bring with you everywhere. The first box was sold in 1909, but Läkerol has always stayed in step with the times and is still a very popular brand in a large part of the world...
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