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Pätkis Chocolate Covered Mint Truffle 36 g Fazer

Minttryffel överdragen med mjölkchoklad - Suklaakuorrutteinen minttutryffeli

Mint truffle covered with milk chocolate



Price:1.90 €

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Plopp Chocolate Toffee 50 g Cloetta

Mjölkchoklad med ringlande toffee fyllning - Maitosuklaata ja pehmeä toffee täyte
Swedish milk chocolate with a soft toffee filling, a big favorite since it's creation in 1949
Price: 1.80 €

"Present" Assorted Chocolates 260 g Fazer

Chokladkonfekt - Suklaakonvehteja
Karl Fazer chocolate confection box encloses chocolates in various different flavors. The gift box brings together the Chocolate Masters skill samples and is always desired festive table guest. This is a box for everyone to find a favorite for sure!
For guaranteed..
Price: 10.90 €
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