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Peppermint Candy Stick 12 cm 8-pack

Polkagris - Karamellitanko

Polkagrisar, directly translate as Polka-dancing pigs but meaning infact the Swedish red and white peppermint flavoured candy sticks that were invented already in 1859. The inventor Amalia Eriksson (1824-1923) was a poor 35-year-old widow who needed to support herself and her family, when her husband died. Amalia Eriksson got the town council's permission to open a bakery to make pastries and peppermint rocks, and opened a shop in Gränna. She kept the recipe secret and it was only revealed upon her death.

The name polkagris refers to a lively European swirling dance polka, which was still a novelty when the polkagris was invented. The dance originated in the middle of the 19th century and is still a common genre in Nordic folk dance and folk music."Polka" in the candy's name may refer to the way traditional polkagris is made, twisting red and white sugar dough ribbons. "Gris" means "pig" and was at that time used as an expression for candy.

The town of Gränna has only 2,500 residents, but it's located by a lake and near one of the most traveled highways in Sweden and gets a million visitors a year. The main reason to visit the town is the candy. The first store making polkagrisar outside of Gränna opened first in the summer of 2011 in the Old town of Stockholm.

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