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Apothecary's Salmiac® powder 10 g Haganol

Apotekets salmiak ® pulver - Apteekin salmiakki ® jauhe

Mr and Mrs. Colliander, both of whom were chemists, founded a salty liquorice company in Helsinki’s Haaga in 1951. The Collianders had developed a unique recipe that excluded the use of gum arabic and gelatine, which are common in most candy brands. Ever since – that is, over sixty years ­– Apothecary’s Salmiac® has been manufactured using the same recipe. Nowadays these belowed products are manufactured by Haganol.

The powder is suitable for baking, desserts, drinks and cooking. Or to be enjoyed just as it is. 

Price:1.90 €

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Lakrisal Salmiac Roll 25 g

Salmiakpastiller - Salmiakkipastilleja Unlike most salty liquorice candies, Lakrisal does not contain any starch or gum arabic (E414). Instead, it is made almost entirely of sugar, licorice and ammonium chloride.
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Super Piratos 120 g Haribo

Super Piratos saltlakrits - Super Merkkari
Super salty liquorice coins from Denmark. Not for the faint of heart – this is serious stuff. Don’t be fooled by the innocent look of these.
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