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AXA Oatmeal Flakes Fiber 800 g

Fiberberikade havregryn - Runsaskuituinen kaurapuuro

Axa Fibre Oatmeal is a mix of oatmeal and fibre-rich pollard. It contains 87 % whole grain and 16 % fibre and is also an important source for vitamins and mineral matters. Great as porridge, muesli or for baking, when you want to add some extra fibre.

Price:4.50 €

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Crispbread Sour-dough Gourmet 300 g Wasa

Surdeg gourmet knäcke - Juureen leivottu herkkunäkkäri
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Pulled Oats (TM) 250 g Gold & Green

Nyhtökaura™ - Pulled Havre ™
The revolutionary new plant based protein food PULLED OATS™ is made of oats, fababeans and peas. Manufacturing includes only mechanical processing such as mixing, pressing and heating. PULLED OATS™ have approx 30% of good quality protein, combined..
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