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Wheat Semolina 1 kg AXA

Mannasuurimoita - Mannagryn

Semolina wheat grains are used in porridge, gruel and desserts.

Price:6.30 €

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Elovena Instant Oatmeal Flakes 6 * 35 g Apple & Cinnamon

Annos pikapuuro omena & kaneli -
Snabbgröt i portionspåsar äpple & kanel
Finnish instant whole grain oatmeal flakes in easy to use portions. There is always time to enjoy a delicious Elovena Instant oat meal. Pour your favourite oatmeal to a plate from the portion package and add some boiling water..
Price: 4.30 €

Nalle Oatmeal Flakes with Wheat Bran 750 g

Kunto Kaura täysjyväkaurahiutale ja vehnälese - Fullkornshavregryn och vetekli
Nalle Kunto Kaura -flakes are made of whole grain oatmeal and wheat bran. The flakes are good carbs and high in fiber (18 %), which promotes regular bowel movement. Fiber also helps control weight, because it keeps hunger..
Price: 4.20 €
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