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Dip Mix Onion 18 g Estrella

Dip sås lök - Dippikastike sipuli

Just mix with 300 ml of sour cream, creme fraiche or natural yoghurt and you have got the perfect dipping sauce for crisps, vegetables or fish!

Price:2.20 €

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Fish Dumplings in Dill Sauce 375 g Abba

Fiskbullar i dillsås - Kalapullat tillikastikkeessa
Fishballs in a creamy dill sauce is full of natural ingredients and no additives. They are made from fish meat from cod, haddock, saithe, hake and salmon from North-East Atlantic. Just heat and serve with boiled new potatoes and vegetables, or add..
Price: 4.30 €

Dill & Mustard Sauce 295 g Druvan

Hovmästarsås - Hovimestarinkastike
This "gravlaxsauce" is a mustard based sauce that is sweet and flavoured with dill is mild and round in taste. Ideal with fish and seafood, smoked salmon, gravlax, shaved ham and selected cheeses. Ready to serve, just pour on your favourite meal. You can even mix mustard..
Price: 3.80 €
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