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Cinnamon Crispbread 330 g Wasa

Rund kanelknäcke - Pyöreä kanelinäkkäri

Wasa Cinnamon is a crispbread that is baked from wheat and with a sweet taste of cinnamon.

A perfect snack to eat as it is or with your favorite toppings!

Price:3.90 €

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Finnish Thin Crispbread 200 g Oululainen

Hapankorppuja - Surskorpor
The original thin crispbread baked since 1955 made of whole meal rye, is a unique Finnish product "hapankorppu" in Finnish), baked in the traditional way using sourdough. The result is a crisp bread full of unique aroma and meets modern requirements for health with 23 % fiber..
Price: 3.50 €

Finn Crisp Thins Original 200 g Vaasan

Hapankorppu - Surskorpor
The flagship product in the Finn Crisp range. This classic whole grain rye recipe still remains the most loved flavour by consumers. Baked with sourdough, a rich rye taste, 20 % of fiber and a deliciously crunchy mouthfeel.
Price: 3.90 €
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