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Cinnamon Crispbread 330 g Wasa

Rund kanelknäcke - Pyöreä kanelinäkkäri

Wasa Cinnamon is a crispbread that is baked from wheat and with a sweet taste of cinnamon.

A perfect snack to eat as it is or with your favorite toppings!

Price:3.90 €

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Crispbread Sport 275 g Wasa

Sport knäckebröd - Sport näkkileipä
A thick and coarse rustic crispbread, made out of wholegrain flour topped with rye bran. 104 g wholegrain ingredients have been used to produce 100 g product!
Price: 3.10 €

Lingonberry Rye Bread 500 g Pågen

Lingongrova - Limpukka
Pågen Lingongrova is Sweden’s best selling loaf. Wholegrain rye, sourdough and lingonberry makes Lingongrova the perfect balance of spicy, tart and fruity. Enjoy with Sweden’s favourite mature cheeses Västerbotten or Prästost

Price: 4.90 €
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