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Real Rye sliced 420 g Fazer

Ruis real, viipaloitu - Fullkorns rågbröd, skivat

It is baked with 100 percent whole grain rye, so it is rich in fiber. By eating Fazer Real rye you will get all the good properties of rye in their natural form.

Price:4.40 €

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Availabe: As fresh on pre-order or frozen

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Nalle Oatmeal Flakes with Wheat Bran 750 g

Kunto Kaura täysjyväkaurahiutale ja vehnälese - Fullkornshavregryn och vetekli
Nalle Kunto Kaura -flakes are made of whole grain oatmeal and wheat bran. The flakes are good carbs and high in fiber (18 %), which promotes regular bowel movement. Fiber also helps control weight, because it keeps hunger..
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Rye Nacho Seeds & Sea Salt 130 g Vaasan

Ruis Nacho seesami & merisuola - Råg Nacho sesam & havssalt
Finn Crisp Nacho is a bite-sized, thin and crispy snack with a delicious taste of toasted sesame and linseeds and sprinkles of sea salt. They are baked with 100 % wholegrain rye and with a fibre content of 18 % they are a great source of fibre..
Price: 4.20 €
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