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Lingonberry Bread 500 g Finax

Grovlimpa med lingon - Puolukkalimppu

Slighthly more coarse than the Lingongrova and slightly less fatt
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Reissumies Rye Bread 4-pack 235 g Oululainen

Reissumies ruisleipä 4 kpl - Rågkusar 4 st
For decades, Reissumies (Finnish for 'A Traveling Man') has been one of Finland's bestselling bakery products. Reissumies is a soft piece of rye bread that tastes as amazing at home or outdoors, cold or hot. Reissumies is naturally high in fiber (10%) and without..
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Lingonberry Rye Bread 500 g Pågen

Lingongrova - Limpukka
Pågen Lingongrova is Sweden’s best selling loaf. Wholegrain rye, sourdough and lingonberry makes Lingongrova the perfect balance of spicy, tart and fruity. Enjoy with Sweden’s favourite mature cheeses Västerbotten or Prästost

Price: 4.90 €
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