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Lingonberry Bread 500 g Finax

Grovlimpa med lingon - Puolukkalimppu

Slighthly more coarse than the Lingongrova and slightly less fatt
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Availabe: As fresh on pre-order or frozen

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Crushed Lingonberries Jam 410 g Felix

Rårörda Lingon - Puolukkasurvos
Lingonberry jam (aka cowberry jam) is a staple food in Nordic cuisine. They have long been a source of beneficial nutrition for those living in the Northern Hemisphere where the lingonberries grow wild in the forests during the summer months.
It is very versatile and..
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Elovena Oatmeal Flakes 1 kg

Täysjyvä kaurapuuro - Fullkorns havregryn
Traditional Finnish whole grain oatmeal flakes with a natural taste and is a tender choice for your stomach. Oatmeal is a recommended choice for breakfast, lunch, snack or evening snack, it keeps hunger away for a long time.
Price: 4.30 €
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