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Lingonberry Bread 500 g Finax

Grovlimpa med lingon - Puolukkalimppu

Slighthly more coarse than the Lingongrova and slightly less fatt
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Price:4.90 €

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Availabe: As fresh on pre-order or frozen

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Rye Crisps Garlic 150 g Linkosuo

Valkosipuli Ruis Sipsi - Vitlök Råg Chips
Rye chips are light and crispy pieces of dried rye bread seasoned with garlic. Great tasting and healthy with 14 % fiber! Eat them as they are, use for dipping or fill them with cheese, salmon pate, cod roe creme or your favorite topping!
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Rye Flour 1,5 kg Kungsörnen

Rågmjöl - Ruisjauho
Rye is a traditional part of Northern Europe cuisine. It has a lower gluten content than wheat flour. Rye contains both soluble and insoluble fibre and together with several bioactive components, the fibre complex is presumably largely responsible for the health benefits of rye...
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