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Vegetable Stock 180 ml Touch of Taste

Grönsaksfond - Vihannesfondi

Touch of Taste Vegetable stock gets its deep and broad taste from root vegetables and herbs. The stock raises the taste of your vegetable pots, stews and all other vegetable prepartions. Try even in potatoe and vegetable purées, dressings and pesto. Add a splash at a time and check the taste.
1.5 tbsp fond = 1 broth dice

Use about 1.5 tbsp of stock for 5 dl of liquid

Price:7.80 €

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Ground Cinnamon 43 g Santa Maria

Kanel, malen - Kaneli, jauhettu
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Marinade Allround 75 g Santa Maria

Marinad, allround - Yleismarinaadi
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For the best result marinate for at least..
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