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Ballerina Original 205 g Göteborgs

Ballerina kex - Ballerina keksit

Ballerina cookies, the originals with a delicious nougat creme filling, have a specific place in the Nordic hearts. They are always great to bring along to a picnic or morning/afternoon coffee. Eat as they are or do it like the Swedes: separate the parts and lick off the filling. Mmmm!

Price:5.40 €

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Original Gingerbread Cookies 300 g Annas

Pepparkakor, original – Piparkakkuja
Annas Gingerbread thins have spread happiness for generations, baked from the same traditional recipe since beginning: the foundations for Annas Pepparkakor were laid by the sisters Emma and Anna Karlsson back in 1929 in their home bakery on Artillerigatan..
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Gingerbread Cookie Cutter in Stainless Steel

Pepparkaksform i rostfritt stål -
Piparkakkumuotit, ruostumatonta terästä
5 different figures 8-10 cm, dishwasher safe
Price: 6.90 €
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