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Tar Syrup 200 ml Riipinen

Sirap med tjära - Tervasiirappi

The tar syrop is well suited for hot and cold beverages, sauces, and desserts eg. with ice cream. When used for seasoning, it is a mild, slightly sweet taste that only enhances the food and doesn’t overpower it.

Tar has historically been an important part of Finnish culture from its use in seafaring to flavoring food to folk medicine. It was once considered a panacea reputed to heal "even those cut in twain through their midriff". A Finnish proverb states that "if sauna, vodka and tar won't help, the disease is fatal." Wood tar is used in traditional Finnish medicine because of its microbicidal properties.

There are a lot of products made with tar today, such as candies, flavoring alcohol, tar soap and shampoo. It is even commonly used as sauna fragrance which brings to mind a summer cabin with the smoky fragance of a warming sauna.

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