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Salad Dressing 370 ml Felix

Salladsdressing - Salaatinkastike

This traditional salad dressing does not contain any preservatives, artificial flavors, dyes, flavor enhancement or too much vinegar!s lactose free mayonnaise suits perfectly with cold sauces, eggs, seafood and on toast.

Price:5.10 €

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Fermented Milk Viili 200 g Low Lactose Arla

Fil, naturel, låg laktos - Viili, maustamaton, vähälaktoosinen
Viili is yogurt-like mesophilic fermented milk that originates from the Nordic countries. This cultured milk product is the result of microbial action of lactic acid bacteria.
It is typically eaten for breakfast or snack with sugar, jam..
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Bread Cheese ~150 g Riitan Herkku Low Lactose

Leipäjuusto vähälaktoosinen - Bondost (kaffeost) låglaktos
Bread cheese which is also known in English as Finnish squeaky cheese, is a fresh cheese traditionally made from cow's beestings, rich milk from a cow that has recently calved. Premium Juustoleipä from Juustoportti is always made from fresh..
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