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Sauce coloring 165 ml Ekströms

Sås kulör - Kastikeväri

Ekström's Collorit is a gluten-free sauce that adds colour to stews and sauces without adding too much flavour.
Price:3.60 €

Additional information

Ingredients: Colouring (caramel E150), water, salt (10%).

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Tar Syrup 200 ml Riipinen

Sirap med tjära - Tervasiirappi
The tar syrop is well suited for hot and cold beverages, sauces, and desserts eg. with ice cream. When used for seasoning, it is a mild, slightly sweet taste that only enhances the food and doesn’t overpower it.
Tar has historically been an important part of Finnish..
Price: 7.90 €

Dip Mix Garlic 23 g Estrella

Dip sås vitlök- Dippikastike valkosipuli
Just mix with 300 ml of sour cream, creme fraiche or natural yoghurt and you have got the perfect dipping sauce for crisps and vegetables!
Price: 2.20 €
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