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Emmental Black Cheese 280 g Porlammi Lactose Free

Mustaleima emmental juusto, laktoositon -

Svartstämplad emmental ost laktosfri

Emmental cheese has been made since the 13th century in the Emmental area in Switzerland. In the beginning of the 19th century, its manufacture spread from its original area.

The first Emmental was produced in Finland by Rudolf Klossner in the Sippola Manor House in 1856. He had come to Finland to produce Emmental by the invitation of captain Alexander von Daehn, who had become fond of emmentaler cheese when travelling in Switzerland.

The Black Emmental is matured for at least 9 months, the intense and full-bodied cheese is as its best for feast, both everyday and special occations. Or in cooking to give strong flavor in dressings, sauces and soups.

Price:8.90 €

Additional information

Keep refrigerated!: A chilled product, must be kept refrigerated

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