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Spreadable Cheese Crayfish 330 g Kavli

Kräftost - Rapujuusto

Spreadable soft cheese with real crayfish tails (10 %). The cayfish tails are cooked in dill broth to reach the tastesensation which brings to mind the crayfish parties. Low in fat 17 %. Once opened keep refrigerated.

Price:8.90 €

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Spreadable Cheese Shrimps 275 g Kavli

Räkost - Katkarapujuusto
Popular with children, this iconic Shrimp Cheese is the bestseller among the Kavli range of spreads. Perfect for breakfast, picnics and excellent for cooking. Once opened keep the tube refrigerated. Low fat, only 16% and made with real shrimp.
Price: 8.90 €

Cheese "Prästost" semi rich ~ 670 g Arla

Prästost mellanlagrad - Keskivoimakas juusto Prästost
This semi-soft cheese is sometimes referred to as 'Priest Cheese', describing the traditional one-time custom of paying tithes with agricultural goods including milk in Sweden. Today, this cheese is produced across factories in Sweden from pasteurised..
Price: 15.10 €
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