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Cognac Medwurst 100 g Scan

Konjaksmedwurst, rökt och skivad - Konjakki meetvursti, savustettu ja siivutettu

Classic Swedish alder wood smoked medwurst

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Keep refrigerated!: A chilled product, must be kept refrigerated

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Reindeer Snack Sausage 25 g Kotivara

Ren snack - Poro snack
Individually wrapped snack-bar, which is produced from reindeer meat to 94%. 25 g per bar is ideal for a comfortable little salty snack in gatherings, in the car, when traveling, camping, or anywhere where a small  hunger might surprise you...
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Blood Sausage ~500 g Tapolan

Stekt blodkorv - Mustamakkara
Mustamakkara (literally black sausage) is a type of Finnish traditional blood sausage, very similar to black pudding. 
It is nowadays available in many stores across Finland, but is held in the position of local delicacy and speciality of the city of  Tampere.  Mustamakkara..
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