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Cognac Medwurst 100 g Scan

Konjaksmedwurst, rökt och skivad - Konjakki meetvursti, savustettu ja siivutettu

Classic Swedish alder wood smoked medwurst

Price:2.70 €

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Keep refrigerated!: A chilled product, must be kept refrigerated

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Camping Sausage 400 g HK

Camping grillkorv - Camping grillimakkara
A barbeque sausage with natural casing in a class of its own, the Finnish favorite already since 1967. Prepare on open camp fire, in the inside fireplace or on a gas or coal grill. Camping sausage is also well suited for cooking eg. for soups or sauces, even..
Price: 5.90 €

Reindeer Roast, cold-smoked and sliced 100 g Rönkä, Lapinliha, Viltpoolen or Kylmänen

Kallrökt renstek, skivad - Kylmäsavustettu poronpaisti, siivutettu
Farmed reindeer from Finnish Lapland. Reindeer meat is very tender and lean and is a staple food in Lapland. 
Price: 10.90 € - 13.90 €
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