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Pulled Oats (TM) 240 g Gold & Green

Nyhtökaura™ - Pulled Havre ™

The revolutionary new plant based protein food PULLED OATS™ is made of oats, fababeans and peas. Manufacturing includes only mechanical processing such as mixing, pressing and heating. PULLED OATS™ have approx 30% of good quality protein, combined with good fatty acids and fibers.
The taste is natural and the structure is tender and chewy which reminds you of something familiar and makes it an easy pick for many of your favorite dishes.
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The Gold&Green® Pulled Oats® was voted as the Finnish Food Product of the Year in the competition organized by the Finnish Food and Drink Industries’ Federation, who annually awards the brightest new products in the food industry.
Gold&Green® Pulled Oats® is a revolutionary new kind of meat alternative. It’s based on combining Nordic ingredients with some old Asian technologies. It’s not made of soy or wheat. Instead, it’s made of oats and beans and has only a few simple, natural ingredients. The exciting fibrous structure of Pulled Oats® is made by mechanical treatments only, without additives or chemicals. The product has as much as 30% of protein, and unlike many other plant proteins, Pulled Oats® also has protein qualities at least as good as in meat. It includes a necessary amount of all essential amino acids.
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Keep refrigerated!: A chilled product, must be kept refrigerated
Available: As fresh or frozen