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Dried Tube Chanterelle 15 g Nordic Gusto

Trattkantarell, torkad - Suppilovahvero, kuivattu

(Cantharellus tubaeformis)

Handpicked from wild forests of Finland. Mushrooms are great with soups, sauces, meat, game and vegetables.

Mushrooms are well-suited for drying and maintain their aroma and consistency well. Some chefs profess that reconstituted mushrooms are actually superior in flavor to fresh ones! Dried mushrooms can be crushed into flour and used in seasoning in soups, sauces or pizzas. Let dried mushrooms saty in cool water 0,5 - 1 hour, then use like fresh ones. The soaking water is worth taking advantage of in cooking.

15 g of dried tube chanterelle is equal to almost 200 g of fresh mushroom.

Price:8.90 €

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