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Salty Liquorice Extract 500 ml Haganol

Saltlakrits extrakt - Salmiakki mixer

This salty liquorice extract is perfect for baking, drinks, dessert and even cooking, for marinating a salmiac pork or in sauces just for example.  The sweet but salty taste gives an original nuance and brings out the flavours of your food.

If we happen to be out of stock of Salmiakki-Koskenkorva Liqueur you may do your own  by mixing 1 part of this mixer with 1 part of vodka.

Mr and Mrs. Colliander, both of whom were chemists, founded a salty liquorice company in Helsinki’s Haaga in 1951. The Collianders had developed a unique recipe that excluded the use of gum arabic and gelatine, which are common in most candy brands. Ever since – that is, over fifty years ­– Apothecary’s SalmiacŽ has been manufactured using the same recipe. Nowadays this is manufactured by Haganol who also produce this mixer.

Recipe for salty liquorice caramel sauce / topping

More information of the history and recipes on producers homepage (recipes unfortunately only in Finnish but we are more than happy to translate to you)

Recipe for Crčme brulée au Salmiakki deCreme_brulee_au_salmiakki.jpg Patrice Hardy ''Au RDV des Camionneurs''

Ce qu'il faut pour 8 personnes

30 cl Lait
60 cl Crčme liquide
6 Œufs (jaunes)
140 g Sucre semoule
150 g Sucre de canne brun
5 cl Salmiakki liquide de Haganol

1/ Réduire le salmiakki de 0,05 ā 0,02 cl et réserver
2/ Chauffer le lait et la crčme liquide
3/ Blanchir les jaunes d’œufs et le sucre (mélanger énergiquement)
4/ Verser le lait et la crčme chaude sur les jaunes et le sucre
5/ Ajouter le salmiakki dans l’appareil (le mélange ci-dessus)
6/ Mouler et réserver au frais une nuit
7/ Mettre au four (thermostat 6 ou T° 180°C) pendant 35 ā 40 minutes.
8/ Laisser refroidir
9/ Parsemer de sucre de canne brun et flamber.

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