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Brown Sugar 500 g Dan Sukker

Farinsocker - Fariini sokeri

Brown sugar is sugar mixed with cane sugar syrup. It is a golden brown, moist sugar with aromatic flavor. Use Dansukker Brown Sugar as a flavoring in cooking, baking and for drinks.

Price:3.30 €

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Dry Yeast 4*11 g Sunnuntai

Kuivahiiva - Torrjäst

Sunday Dry yeast is a ready-to-use, well-preserved baking yeast that is added to dough mixed with flour or liquid.

One bag contains a suitable amount of dry yeast for 5 dl of bread dough or 2 1/2 dl of bun dough...
Price: 2.40 €

Baking Powder 170 g Fazer

Bakpulver - Leivinjauhe
Baking powder is a raising agent used for cakes and other pastry.
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