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Rye Flour 1,5 kg Kungsörnen

Rågmjöl - Ruisjauho

Rye is a traditional part of Northern Europe cuisine. It has a lower gluten content than wheat flour. Rye contains both soluble and insoluble fibre and together with several bioactive components, the fibre complex is presumably largely responsible for the health benefits of rye.

Learn more about health benefits of rye
Price:4.60 €

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Rustic Sour-dough Loaf sliced 400 g Uotilan

Uotilan maalaisruislimppu, viipaloitu - Lantråglimpa, skivad
This rustic sour-dough loaf is made only of whole grain rye flour and grains, water and salt,  additive and preservative-free - Just like in the old days...
Price: 5.90 €

Lobster Stock 180 ml Touch of Taste

Hummerfond - Hummerifondi
Touch of Taste hummerfond – lobster stock gets its distinctive flavour from Norwegian lobsters. The stock increases the taste of fish & seafood, and is also used to enhance the flavour in fish mince or when you cook fish or seafood. It’s also perfect in cold sauces..
Price: 7.80 €
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