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Shrimp Stew 185 g Abba

Räkstuvning - Katkarapumuhennos

Shrimps from North-East Atlantic with tasty creamy sauce makes this stew perfect in hot sandwiches and as a filling for pies, omelettes, crepes and custards. Also great just to be warmed as sauces for both the pasta and fish.

Price:3.80 €

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Spreadable Cheese Shrimps 275 g Kavli

Räkost - Katkarapujuusto
Popular with children, this iconic Shrimp Cheese is the bestseller among the Kavli range of spreads. Perfect for breakfast, picnics and excellent for cooking. Once opened keep the tube refrigerated. Low fat, only 16% and made with real shrimp.
Price: 8.90 €

Cold-water Prawns, unpeeled 500 g Royal Greenland

Räkor med skal 70/90, frysta - Kuorimattomat katkaravut 70/90, pakaste
The North Atlantic cold-water prawn, Pandalus borealis, is known across the world for its delicate, sweet flavour with a firm and juicy texture. The cold-water prawn is a great source of protein and low in fat, making it a healthy..
Price: 12.90 €
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