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Shrimp Stew 185 g Abba

Räkstuvning - Katkarapumuhennos

Shrimps from North-East Atlantic with tasty creamy sauce makes this stew perfect in hot sandwiches and as a filling for pies, omelettes, crepes and custards. Also great just to be warmed as sauces for both the pasta and fish.

Price:3.80 €

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Sauteed Reindeer Meat 300 g Riipinen

Renskav - Poronkäristys
Warm up, enjoy with potato purée, gherkins, pickled beetroot and lingonberry jam!
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Cold-water Prawns, unpeeled 500 g Royal Greenland

Räkor med skal 70/90, frysta - Kuorimattomat katkaravut 70/90, pakaste
The North Atlantic cold-water prawn, Pandalus borealis, is known across the world for its delicate, sweet flavour with a firm and juicy texture. The cold-water prawn is a great source of protein and low in fat, making it a healthy..
Price: 12.90 €
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