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Mackerel in Tomato 125 g Larsen

Makrillfile i tomatsås - Makrillifileet tomaattikastikkeessa

A Danish favourite, rich and flavoursome – delicious on toasted rye or crispbread.

Price:2.40 €

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Mackerel in Tomato 40 g Stabburet

Grovhackade makriller i tomat - Makrillia tomaattisoseessa
A Norwegian favourite and a typical Norwegian miss-from-home product. The coarsely chopped mackerel fillet mixed goes very well with the tomato sauce, which makes it extra juicy. Eat as it is on fresh bread or crispbread. Yummy...
Price: 1.90 €

Smoked Salmon Slices ~250 g Myrskylän Savu

Kallrökt lax styck, norsk - Kylmäsavulohipala, norjalainen
Only salmon of the very highest quality is used. It grows slowly in the cold, clean waters of northern Norway, to firm texture and healthy fat content. The packing is ruthlessly honest – clear plastic. No chance to hide cheats under printing..
Price: 12.20 € - 18.50 €
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