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Mackerel in Tomato 125 g Larsen

Makrillfile i tomatsås - Makrillifileet tomaattikastikkeessa

A Danish favourite, rich and flavoursome – delicious on toasted rye or crispbread.

Price:2.40 €

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Fermented Herring 300 g Oskars

Surströmming - Hapansilakka
Fermented Baltic herring. A traditional Swedish dish. Eat wrapped in soft flat bread (tunnbrod) with almond potatoes and onion. Open tin outdoors as the herring has a very strong smell.
Find out more about the notorious sour herring..
Price: 9.30 €

Smoked Vendace in Oil 220/170 g Puula-Särvin

Rökt siklöja i olja - Savumuikku öljyssä
Smoked fish from Puula-Särvin are made of fresh wild fish caught from Lake Pielinen, the fourth largest lake of Finland, with a drainage basin area of 12,823 km2. Smoked fish is ready to eat. Delicious as appetizer, on top of rye bread or with new boiled potatos..
Price: 9.90 €
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