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Frozen Lingonberries 200 g Pakkasmarja

Frysta lingon - Pakastettu kotimainen puolukka

The flavour of the lingonberry (aka cowberry) is tangier than all the other berries combined. Lingonberries also contain high levels of manganese, dietary fiber and vitamin E. There are also phenolic compounds in lingonberries, whose health effects are studied actively. Lingonberries contain also resveratrol approximately as much as red grapes, raw material of red wine.

You can enjoy frozen lingonberries in baking and cooking, as an excellent addition to any meal, smoothie, yoghurt or salad. Because it is not a sweet berry, best pair with sweeter fruits.

Price:4.40 €

Additional information

Ingredients: 100 % lingonberries from Finland, cleaned and unsweetened
Frozen!: Product is frozen and must be kept in tempterature under -18 degrees

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