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LingonberrY Jam 600 g Bob

Lingonsylt med låg sockerhalt - Puolukkahillo, vähäsokerinen

Lingonberry jam (aka cowberry jam) is a staple food in Nordic cuisine. They have long been a source of beneficial nutrition for those living in the Northern Hemisphere where the lingonberries grow wild in the forests during the summer months.

It is very versatile and goes well with different kinds of meat, especially delicious with reindeer and a must with your meatballs, cabbage rolls and blood pudding. It can also be served as a relish with other meat courses such as beef stew or liver dishes.

Once opened keep refrigerated.

Price:7.90 €

Additional information

Ingredients: Lingonberr100 g jam contains 42 g lingonberries, sugar content only 27 g.

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