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Mulled Wine "Blossa 21" 75 cl

Blossa, årets smak 2021 - Vuoden maku glögi 2021

Blossa has traveled to the Spanish city of Valencia to find inspiration for this year’s taste. 
This year’s mulled wine is a tasty fusion of traditional mulled wine spices and the sweetness and freshness of the orange.

3 tips for a wonderful mulled wine experience:

Garnish Blossa 21 with an orange slice with peel.

Blossa 21 can also be enjoyed as a refreshing orange dessert. Peel fresh, sweet oranges and slice them thinly. Place on a plate and then pour on Blossa 21. Let them soak for an hour and then serve with a good vanilla ice cream.

Serve Blossa 21 with a little Spanish salted almonds, preferably Marcona almonds.

Alcohol by volume 15 %



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