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Blueberry Bodywash 400 g Rento

Tvättgel Blåbär - Mustikka suihkusaippua

A mild shower gel with a light lather, suitable for the whole family. Gently cleans and freshens the skin. Light fragrance of blueberries.
Price:9.90 €

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Toiletry Bag in Jute, Red

Necessär i jute, röd - Kylpytuotelaukku, juuttia, punainen
Eucalyptus scent fills your sauna or bathroom with fragances of pungent green leaves and warming herbs. Add 2-4 capsuls to a sauna bucket full of water or 1 capsul in a jar of water and place on the shelf.
Midsummer birch soap is a gently,..
Price: 15.90 €

Blackcurrant Jelly 330 g Dronningholm

Svartvinbärsgelé - Mustaherukkahyytelö
Bursting with flavour blackcurrant jelly is fresh flavoured which works equally well to accompany roast or grilled meat, game meat, chicken and lamb or as a dipping sauce at barbecues blended with mayonnaise.
The jelly can even be included in cheesecakes, yogurt..
Price: 5.80 €
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