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Vendace Roe 150 g Myrskylän Savu

Löjrom - Muikun mäti

The Nordic Caviar!

The vendace, Coregonus albula, is a fish in the salmonidae family found in freshwater lakes in northern Europe and in diluted brackish water in the Gulfs of Finland and Bothnia. It rarely grows more than 20 centimetres long. The vendace is traditionally the most important target of freshwater fisheries in parts of Fennoscandia. Vendace roe is considered a delicacy, which has been granted a PDO status in the Swedish Bothnian Bay archipelago (Kalix löjrom).

After capture the fish are milked, the roe is washed, dried and salted slightly. No other preservatives or additives!

Traditionally vendace roe is served with red onions and creme fraiche but only you imagination makes the limit for the use.

Take a look at this amateur video, the young lady shows how the vendance is milked for the roe

For guaranteed availability for Easter, Midsummer and Christmas pre-order well in advance is highly recommended 


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Additional information

Frozen!: Product is frozen and must be kept in tempterature under -18 degrees
Ingredients: Vendace roe, salt 2,5 %

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