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Black Lumpfish Roe 80 g Abba

Svart stenbitsrom - Musta kaviaari

A classic food decoration with a lovely fresh saltiness. Its mild taste makes it often popular with children.

For guaranteed availability Christmas 2018 pre-order must be placed latest 24th November 2018

Price:8.90 €

Additional information

Keep refrigerated!: A chilled product, must be kept refrigerated

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Smoked Northern Pike ~200 g Myrskylän Savu

Kallrökt gädda, finsk - Kylmäsavustettu hauki, suomalainen
Smoked northern pike may be used as smoked salmon
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For guaranteed availability Christmas 2019 pre-order must be placed latest in November..
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Warm Smoked White Fish ~600 g Myrskylän Savu

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Warm (or hot) smoking means curing fish by smoking at a temperature of 70-80°C, making the fish fully cooked, moist and flavourfull.
Warm smoked fish does not require further cooking before consumption although it may warmed up and accompanied with..
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