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Warm Smoked Salmon Fillet ~1,5 kg Myrskylän Savu

Varmrökt lax, hel file, norsk -

Lämminsavulohi, koko filee, norjalainen

Warm (or hot) smoking means curing fish by smoking at a temperature of 70-80°C, making the salmon fully cooked, moist and flavourfull.

Warm smoked fish does not require further cooking before consumption although it may warmed up and accompanied with potato puré or rice. It may be eaten like cold smoked salmon, or mixed with salads or pasta.

Available as fresh in about once a month or on pre-order, please contact us for details

For guaranteed availability Christmas 2019 pre-order must be placed latest in November
Price from72.00 €


Product Price
Fresh103.50 €
Frozen72.00 €

Additional information

Keep refrigerated!: A chilled product, must be kept refrigerated or frozen
Ingredients: Norwegian salmon, salt
The price: is determined by weight, average being 1500 g

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