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Crayfish in Dill Brine 1 kg

Super jumbo kräftor, kokta, frysta, 8-15 st/kg -

Suuret ravut, keitetyt, pakastetut 8-15 kpl/kg

Ready cooked crayfish in dill brine, the Nordic way. Just defrost and serve. The size is also reasonable, 8-15 crayfish/kg.

Add Västerbotten cheese, beer and aquavit, hats, bibs and a few friends and you’ve got yourself a crayfish party.

Price:29.90 €

Additional information

Frozen!: Product is frozen and must be kept in tempterature under -18 degrees

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Crayfish, raw 1 kg

Kräftor, ej kokta, frysta - Ravut, raa'at, pakastetut
Cook in a spicy broth, serve, add some hats, bibs (yep, good idea), aquavit and vasterbotten cheese, throw in a few friends and you’ve got yourself a Crayfish party.

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Crayfish Tails in Brine 300 g Feldts

Kräftstjärtar i lake - Ravunpyrstöjä liemessä
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