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Reindeer Hash 240 g Polarica

Renskav - Poronkäristys

Sautéed reindeer (or reindeer stew, finnbiff in Norwegian, báistebiđus in Sami) is perhaps the best known traditional meal from Lapland, especially in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Cook from frozen and eat traditionally as a stew and serve with mashed potatos, lingonberry jam and pickled gherkins. Reindeer can even be served stewed with onions or mushrooms served with spaghetti, rice, potatos or mashed potatoes, or as a filling for a pie. You can also use it in a casserole or as a spread on a sandwich.

Recipe for sautéed reindeer

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Additional information

Frozen!: Product is frozen and must be kept in tempterature under -18 degrees
Ingredients: Reindeer meat (90 %) in thin slices, water