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Hiillos Grillsausage 400 g Atria

Hiillos grillkorv - Hiillos grillimakkara

A barbeque sausage with natural casing. Prepare on open camp fire, in the inside fireplace or on a gas or coal grill. Camping sausage is also well suited for cooking eg. for soups or sauces, even to be enjoyed cold. Accompany with your favorite mustard

As the summer is short in the north, so when it arrives the people spend the majority of their time outside by their lake houses relaxing, drinking and grilling. What do they grill you ask? Makkara. That's Finnish for sausage.

The packet contains 4 sausages, lactose and gluten free

Price:3.60 €

Additional information

Keep refrigerated!: A chilled product, must be kept refrigerated
Ingredients: Made of Finnish beef and pork. Meat content 43%. Meat and meat preparations comparable total of 55%. Fat 19 %

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