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Hot Dog Sausages 18*55 g

Varmkorv - Hotsi nakki

Long delicious sausage to be cooked, grilled or steamed.

The packet contains 18 sausages ā 55 grams, length 18 cm

Price:12.90 €

Additional information

Fresh!: A chilled product, must be kept refrigerated or frozen
Ingredients: Made of Swedish pork. Meat content 66 %, fat 20 %

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Reindeer Snack Sausage 25 g Kotivara

Ren snack - Poro snack
Individually wrapped snack-bar, which is produced from reindeer meat to 94%. 25 g per bar is ideal for a comfortable little salty snack in gatherings, in the car, when traveling, camping, or anywhere where a small  hunger might surprise you...
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Isterband Sausage 330 g Lithells

Småländsk Isterband - Isterband makkara
Isterband is a lightly smoked coarsely ground Swedish sausage with a strong characteristic flavour.
Serve fried together with creamed dill potatoes and pickled beetroot.
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