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Ulla Remes " The Last Town"


Ulla Remes, born in Kuopio, Finland, is a versatile artist whose production includes oil paintings, installations and photographic works.

Ulla Remes has made 30 solo exhibitions and the same number of group and joint exhibitions. Her works have been seen amongst others in Japan, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, the United Kingdom, the United States and of course in Finland. During last decade she has worked in various international residencies in Italy, Greece and Spain. Her works can be seen in several public collections including the collections of art museums in Kuopio, Lapinlahti and Jyväskylä. Ulla Remes is a member of the Finnish Painter Association.

Vernissage on 8th March at 18:00 at the presence of the artist

Ulla Remes, vivant à Kuopio Finlande, est une artiste polyvalente dont les oeuvres incluent des peintures à l'huile, des installations et des oeuvres photographiques.

Remes a participé, ces 15 dernières années, à 30 expositions privées et à autant d'expositions communes et de groupe. Elle a exposé au Japon, en Grèce, au Portugal, en Espagne, en Hongrie, en Grande-Bretagne et aussi aux États-Unis. En plus, elle a travaillé, pendant les 10 dernières années, à plusieurs reprises, au sein de résidences internationales en Italie, en Grèce et en Espagne. Ses œuvres sont exposées dans diverses collections publiques, dont les collections des musées d'art de Kuopio, Lapinlahti et Jyväskylä. Elle est membre de l'Association finlandaise des peintres (Suomen Taidemaalariliitto).

Vernissage le 8 Mars à 18h00 en présence de l'artiste

Trees by the riverside, mixed techniques on canvas

Mother and children on beach, mixed techniques on canvas

"In the ensemble of this exhibition I have wanted to create an atmosphere in the beach city where calmness and gentleness pulsate simultaneously together with the awareness of the transience of all: moments, people, places, memories. Plants take over the ruins and there is some thingspecial in the air, the crisp glory of corals gets a deep tone.

In only a few works I show directly people but their presence is felt in the mood of the picture. Home-goers and joyful youngsters only appear as indicative characters, but without them, emptiness would be felt.

The colours of the works in this exhibition are strong and the colour scale of the works is scarce. I have strived for a wiry line, the rhythm is also essential: strength is humility and humility is strength at the same time. There are countless new beginnings and innumerable ends simultaneously. "